‘Boer Soek ’n Vrou’: Connect in a flash and find five that’ll match

Boer Soek n Vrou women

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Feb 03

Five minutes can be long, but it can also be too short. Last night, kykNET‘s Boer Soek ’n Vrou farmers got five minutes with each of the ten girls they chose from the letters received, and wow, did they have to choose five fast. Yup, after chatting to each of the women for five minutes, they had to choose five of the ten with whom they would like to continue this exciting, yet nerve-wrecking journey.

The farmers arrived at Grande Roche Hotel with the right mindset, with Louis M saying that if they don’t find love, they definitely made a couple of friends (referring to the four farmers next to him). Presenter, Marciel Hopkins asked how they were feeling after seeing the women for the first time, and farmer Louis M merely said that he did not know how one would choose. “It’s like being a child in a toy factory!” he said.

His laugh made them enter Boer Soek ‘n Vrou

For their meetings with farmer Francois, the women certainly did their research on ostriches. In the end, though, they – like him – were mainly just looking for that spark. It came to light that Francois’ laugh is contagious.

He will be getting to know Lizelle, Lorinda, Vanessa, Lorinda and Chantal a little better.

Farmer Francois ten women Boer Soek n Vrou

Pumpkins and people

With farmer Louis B, lots of jokes were flying around about pumpkins following the first two episodes of Boer Soek ’n Vrou’s 15th season, but when it comes to love and choosing the right woman, he’s a serious bloke. The nerves had him nauseous, but luckily his good sense of humour pulled him through. He’s a farmer who likes good people – especially those from the Karoo, it seems.

Louis B says his idea of whom he thought he might connect with, changed a lot upon meeting the girls face to face. “I think you feel it in that hug.”

Farmer Louis B

His voice was shivering as he chose the five girls he’d like to get to know better, which just showed his gentle manner and personality. He chose Rachel, Nicola, Kisha, Cherecé and Suné to continue the Boer Soek ’n Vrou journey with him.

He felt very bad about the girls left behind and even came with a small gift for each.


Calm and collected on Boer Soek ‘n Vrou

Hennie was very calm through the whole day’s process and while there were two ladies who could not be there, he still chose five to get to know better.

He chose: Natania, Rachelle, Madaleen, Jané and Eloïse.

Louis M, the life of the party

Farmer Louis M was full of jokes and giggles from the start. He caught the eye (and the ears) of the women who wrote to him with his wit and his talk about his gran. His cheerful spirit is contagious – not only to his potential matches, but also to the Boer Soek ’n Vrou viewers.

He invited the following five to join him on the next part of the journey: Jané, Alichia, Anja, Dihana and Laurette.

Farmer Louis M Boer Soek n Vrou

A rugby flank with a soft side

Philru’s shyness might just be part of his A-game, with many of the women who wrote to him, finding it attractive.

He was quite witty (even amidst the shyness) and joked around with the women he met during the five-minute sessions.

He asked Sumari, Carlissa, Lané, Karla and Talita to stay on.

Philru Boer Soek n Vrou

While the five farmers agreed that these five-minute connections were probably harder than farming, Philru said he could never have dreamed of such an experience.

Next week, the farmers will have a little more time and fewer women to connect with, and they will get to see if the five girls they chose were the five right ones.


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