Alēia Restaurant – An artful arrangement of the finer things in life

Alēia Restaurant

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, May 18

It’s not too long ago that I wrote something about our experience at Alēia Restaurant for The Citizen News (here are the 5 Reasons to dine at the brand new Alēia Restaurant) but I felt it was worth a mention over here too as we had such a wonderful time exploring the tastes and admiring the plates at this new Pretoria-based wine bar and eatery.

Alēia menu cover
Alēia’s menu cover. Image: Renate Engelbrecht

Alēia wowed us with a wonderful food and wine pairing – so much so that I’ve suggested it to many. But, it’s not just the food and wine pairing that had us in awe. It’s the presentation thereof within its beautiful setting, which comes with various artful facets.

Bonsais form part of the table setting
Bonsai’s form part of the table setting. Image: Supplied

Apart from the fact that Chef Ramon Gouws is clearly hands-on and knows exactly what he’s doing in the kitchen, he has also cleverly collaborated with artists in more than one way to make Alēia restaurant stand out from the crowd.

As you indulge in a 7-course dinner – each dish coupled with its own unique and specially selected wine – art is evident everywhere. It’s in the form of a little Bonsai atop the table, in various shapes and colours of plates and, it comes in edible form – perfectly and artfully plated. It even comes in the form of Jenna Clifford’s very own and newly launched crockery and cutlery range, with which the tables are stylishly set. And, of course, art is all around you with local and international art pieces hanging from the walls. These art pieces are also for sale, so the restaurant not only serves as eatery, but also as an informal art gallery.

Jenna Clifford at Alēia
Jenna Clifford at Alēia. Image: Renate Engelbrecht

Jenna Clifford has also moved her entire Lynnwood Bridge showroom to Alēia, which means while you wait for the next course, you can scroll through her beautiful jewellery while sipping on a glass of bubbly. Even her wine glasses are used on Alēia’s tables – magnificently elegant with long stems that will make any occasion feel special.

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Alēia’s décor is lovely and carefully thought through, with teal and bronze bringing a special feel to the space. Heavy, dark wooden tables add a touch of home to the restaurant with its high ceilings and warm lighting bring a bit of romance to the space that once was home to Harley Davidson.

If you’re looking for a new, exciting restaurant for a more elegant, upper-class dinner, Alēia is definitely worth a visit. Located next to Sutherlands on Lynnwood Road in Pretoria, it’s also very central and easily accessed with an Uber.

Of you do decide to pay them a visit, please let me know about your experience!


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