Album review: Nathan Smith – Here’s to the now

By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Sep 22

I am a huge fan of acoustic guitar. And, if it comes with a rugged-looking guy who sings deep, meaningful lyrics, I’m sold. Nathan Smith’s latest album, Here’s to the now had me listening to some of the songs on repeat just because the guitar was so beautiful and the words so true.

The artist

At a glance, renowned guitarist, singer and song-writer Nathan Smith is the South African version of the Canadian rock band, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger. The combination of his excellent guitar skills and his beautifully written lyrics and melodies is a total win and I love how his latest album, Here’s to the now ties in so well with what the world has been through the past few months.
Nathan Smith is also not hesitant about sharing his relationship with his Creator with the world. In fact, the second single that he released from this album is called ‘Closer’ and it is all about how grateful he is to be a child of God and how he wants to be closer to Him. I love this. Not many people are willing to stand up for what they believe in, especially not when they are in the limelight.

The album

This album features twelve originals, all of which boast really strong and meaningful lyrics that clearly come from deep within. That includes a song, Aiden that he wrote the day before his 22-year-old nephew’s funeral which is dedicated to Aiden’s life, but also to parents who have lost a child.
His title song, Here’s to the now, is all about living for today. Many of us have realised the importance of the little things (that are actually the big things) again thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown and I think this album ties in very well with what we’ve been through, but also with what lies ahead. He sings: “Plan your best for tomorrow, but live for today and enjoy what you have, because tomorrow will take care of itself.”


With music, I always feel that you need to be able to relate to the lyrics, but you also need to enjoy the melodies in order for you to fully appreciate it. With Nathan Smith’s latest album, I get that. There’s a good mix of toned-down acoustics, a bit of blues and some rock, which means if my top 5 below are not your favourites, you’ll probably still have a favourite on the album.

My top 5 from the album

  1. The first and last
  2. Closer
  3. Running out of control
  4. Here’s to the now
  5. Decisions

You can find Nathan Smith’s latest album HERE.




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