5 Living room must-haves for the holidays

Living room must-haves from Mr Price Home

By Renate Engelbrecht

Monday, Nov 08

People who know me, know that our living room looks different every time they visit and that it is always a work in progress. Now, even more than ever, I am hard at work to make it the perfect space to enjoy some family time in over the upcoming holidays. Here are my five living room must-haves – all available at Mr Price Home.

Scatter cushions

There aren’t many things that make you feel as at home as a couch with a bunch of scatter cushions. Mr Price Home has a wide variety of scatter cushions to choose from, including a premium range with these incredibly beautiful bee-printed scatters that I would love to add to our living room space.

Printed bees scatter cushion a living room must-have
Printed bees scatter cushion. Image: Mr Price Home

Strategic storage

We’ve recently moved our kids’ playroom into the living room, as that is where we spend most of our time and it just makes sense at this stage. But, with that comes a lot of chaos if not managed properly, which is why some pretty baskets for toy storage are definitely on my list of living room must-haves.

Hyacinth Chevron Basket from Mr Price Home
Hyacinth Chevron Basket. Image: Mr Price Home

These Hyacinth Chevron Baskets from Mr Price Home come in large and medium sizes and they will simultaneously also add to the look we’re after.

A dainty diffuser

I’ve been wanting to add some diffusers in strategic places in our home and this Magnolia Ceramic Diffuser might just do the trick. It’s elegant and will fit into our living room perfectly, while its lovely smell subtly invites guests into our home.

Magnolia Ceramic Diffuser living room must-have from Mr Price Home
Magnolia Ceramic Diffuser. Image: Mr Price Home

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Rugs are living room must-haves

When we bought our home, its wooden floors were probably one of the main reasons we decided on the specific house. I’ve always been one for a home that feels like its been lived in. A warm, welcoming family home. And, although we’re still trying to make our house into the home we’ve always dreamed of (it takes time), there are certain things that make it homely. Still, the wooden floors can sometimes be a little too much and therefore I think a rug from Mr Price Home’s collection might be a very welcome addition to our living room.

Rug at Mr Price Home
One of the many rugs in Mr Price Home’s collection. Image: Mr Price Home

Screen off those living room must-haves

Our living room is right next to our at-home office (which we have been using more than ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit) and even though we like neat and tidy desks, it’s not necessarily always the reality. A screen like Mr Price Home’s white, wooden hand-carved screen will make the world’s difference to separate the two rooms for when we have guests over.

Wooden hand-carved screen from Mr Price Home
Wooden hand-carved screen. Image: Mr Price home


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